“Randy Fromberg and his staff at Fromberg Associates have been extremely helpful and effective in the planning, design, and construction of the new High School for Lago Vista ISD.  The Fromberg Team presented us with an attractive design that is very practical for the 21st Century learning that is the educational objective of our District.  The Staff were very professional in all of their endeavors and extremely responsive to the changing requirements.  The community-at-large appreciates the performing arts center and they are looking forward to many years of use.  The professional commitment of the entire Fromberg Team was essential for the success of our project.  In addition to all of the design and technical talent that Fromberg brings to a project, you can always depend on the honesty and integrity of the organization in all of their presentations.  It has been a pleasure to participate in our new high school project.”

Tom Rugel
Trustee, Lago Vista ISD

"I thank you for making this design work in the Austin area. The terminal came out "fantastic" and not only am I proud of it, but also I thank you for making it happen."

Ron Henriksen
Owner, Austin Executive Airport, Henricksen Aviation

"Burnet CISD has been using Fromberg Associates from 1999 on several different project everything from new tennis courts to a $37,000,000 new high school in 2004. We have been very impressed by the commit they have given to each and every project no matter how large or small. Fromberg Associates has always been on time with their work and it has been the top of the line. BCISD did the $37,000,000 high school without any change orders on time and 9% under budget. I would rate Fromberg Associates a 9.5, we would not have been able to accomplish the results we had if it had not been for the teams we put together. Fromberg Associates worked well with the school district, Board of Trustees, contractor and myself. I would rate them a 9.5 as I don’t like to give a 10 to anyone. It would be my pleasure to work with Fromberg Associates again on any size project as I think they would do good job for the school district and students we serve."

Kyle Powell
Facilities Director, Burnet CISD

"It has been my pleasure and privilege to have worked with Randy Fromberg and his team at Fromberg Associates. Randy and his staff have completed two projects for Blanco County and I found their work to be accommodating, professional and thorough. I highly recommend their architectural services and excellent customer rapport."

Bill Guthrie
Judge, Blanco County

"Being the Superintendent of a school district means we have to be good stewards of tax payer dollars while providing facilities that meet our needs and offer aesthetic value. Fromberg Associates designed our district facilities through a bond project that exceeded our expectations! The project was completed on time and under budget

"Randy and his staff are creative in their designs, yet mindful of the budget. Randy impressed us in several ways: his level of involvement throughout the project, his honesty and integrity, his in depth knowledge of our district and community, and his ability to skillfully help us manage our expectations. After our bond was completed, we partnered with Fromberg a second time for our FEMA Safe Room/ Gym. We appreciated the hands on involvement and felt a level of comfort and confidence with Randy Fromberg. I have been very satisfied with Randy Fromberg and Fromberg Associates and I would recommend them for building projects and/or renovation projects in the private or public sector."

Delores Warnell
Superintendent, Bloomington Independent School District

"Florence is a small school district, with just over 1,000 total student enrollment. Although Fromberg Associates has larger customers and projects in their portfolio, we were always made to feel that our projects were important and valued. Randy Fromberg is an architect who really listens to his clients, and gives them what they need and want and, in our case, what they can afford!

All of the projects were completed within timelines and within budget."

Cristy Daniell
Frm. President, Board of Trustees
Florence Independent School District

"In 2003 our district passed a $10 million bond for renovations and construction of a new high school. Comparatively, this may be considered a small amount, but in Johnson City it is a substantial dollar amount and could not have been done without the help of Fromberg Associates.

There are many instances where Fromberg Associates went beyond the call of duty to insure quality and value. The architectural team met for a year prior to the election hashing out details of the bond package with the facilities committee. Randy Fromberg attended city council meetings and was successful in having the building permit waived, saving the school district thousands of dollars. Countless hours were spent with staff designing the facilities, creating enthusiasm even before the foundation was poured. Fromberg Associates were outstanding in settling any disputes that arose during construction. The wealth of knowledge Fromberg Associates brought to the table made the building process much smoother.

During planning, design, construction and closeout the architects were personally involved. Both renovations and new construction have radically transformed our district's facilities and Fromberg Associates were very conscious of making our building program successful. They took ownership of the project and were extremely responsive to any request. Most importantly, they were instrumental in all building projects coming in under budget and on time. I highly recommend them for an architectural firm for school construction."

David Shanley
Superintendent, Johnson City ISD

"This is a letter of recommendation for Randy Fromberg and the men and women of Fromberg Associates, Ltd. for the outstanding work they have done as the architect on the New Burnet High School and Related Projects for Burnet Consolidated Independent School District.

"Randy and his team have been a pleasure to work with. Fromberg Associates, Ltd. has been a true partner with the district as they helped guide us through this amazing and complex process. Randy provided valuable assistance to the district through the needs analysis and pre-bond phases of the project. Once the $37.5 million bond issue was passed by our community, Randy assisted the district in the process for selecting a construction method and construction manager at-risk for the projects. Randy and his team worked extremely well with the district in developing plans for facilities that met the needs of Burnet CISD and the communities that we serve. This process resulted in an educational facility that is one of the finest in the Hill Country.

"Fromberg Associates, Ltd. maintained a very professional relationship with the school district and builder. Their constant attention to detail and their willingness to incorporate many changes we requested contributed significantly to the success of the project. Through their management processes they kept the school district informed of every phase of the project which allowed the school district to make key and timely decisions.

"The end result has been a new high school that our entire community is extremely proud of and that will serve our children for decades to come. It is without reservation that I recommend Fromberg Associates, Ltd."

Jeffrey M Hanks
Superintendent, Burnet Consolidated ISD

“Fromberg Associates have been an outstanding architectural firm with whom to work. Whether Randy himself is working on the project doesn't seem to matter – he takes an interest and will make contact with you.”

Nolen R. Crow
Fmr. Superintendent, D'Hanes ISD

“The Americo Paredes Middle School has been described by many as the most beautiful campus created in the recent AISD bond election. That honor is the direct result of the hard work put forth by you and your design team.

Thank you for your professional commitment to this project throughout the construction phase and for playing an active role as a key member of our project team.. It was refreshing to work with an architectural team that was so willing to 'roll up your sleeves' and resolve issues quickly.”

Dan Vaillant
Senior Project Manager, C.F. Jordan Construction Services