Architecture for Education

Fromberg Associates specializes in educational facilities design and planning, with over 80 education clients and more than 600 projects which include educational facility planning, bond referendum logistics, new construction and renovation.

Regardless if you need a room renovation or new school campus, your project receives our firm's full attention. We are large enough to offer a depth of expertise, but each project still receives Mr. Fromberg's direct supervision. Combining a highly qualified staff and specialized consultants, we keep the building process smooth and on-track. Statistically we have fewer change orders, delays and conflicts with the contractor; this means you have fewer distractions.

Our greatest value to you is our approach to the building process; we work to match your needs and resources. We are particularly successful in optimizing construction cost and designing for simple maintenance, while maintaining a high quality learning environment. Ultimately, intelligent building design delivers more value for your construction budget.

Fromberg Associates, Ltd. has the experience and resources to meet your project goals within the program constraints.

We are committed to:

On Budget.

Efficient and Effective use of district funds

Fromberg Associates is sensitive to your budget. We understand school districts are responsibile to their community. Through good stewardship of tax payer dollars, we maximize value and main- tain needs in the realization of your vision. It is a fine line we are proficient in walking.

On Time.

School must go on

Fromberg Associates understands the need to have a fully functioning facility before the first bell rings for the new school year. We work with you to stay on schedule, minimize disruptions, and ensure a positive impact for the district and the community.

Sustained Quality.

Life time savings and ownership

Fromberg Associates will work with you to offer options that will decrease maintenance and operating costs for the lifetime of your facility. We will design a quality building that students and staff will be proud to take ownership of, and treat like their own.

Educationally Fit.

Client Centered, Student Driven

Fromberg Associates has decades of experience designing educational facilities, but we KNOW you are the expert for the school in your community. We will guide you through the steps to achieve a design that will create a learning environment appropriate for your students, staff and community.